10 Warning Symptoms Of Alcoholism


When we think about alcohol or alcoholism, the first thing that comes to our mind is something that is bad and which needs to be kept away from. People consume alcohol for many different reasons, and if they don’t step back at the right time, it can lead to alcoholism. The starting stage of alcoholism is gradual and cannot be judged until there are some warning signs from the behavior of an alcoholic. There are certain symptoms that prove that one is suffering from alcoholism. Given below are those symptoms.

  • Behavior- Alcohol can affect your behavior and you may start behaving in a weird manner. You may act strangely and do things unknowingly. Your sense of reasonability weakens and you may even get involved in a fight or an argument. You may lose the control over your body and have difficulty to even walk.
  • Appearance- After the consumption of alcohol you may not be bale to carry yourself well. You’ll not be able to sit or walk properly and would act in way that you are not supposed to be.
  • Addiction- If you start consuming alcohol regularly then you may get addicted to it. You may feel agitated if not being able to take alcohol. You may feel depressed and low. In spite of regular treatments if you are not able to get rid of this addiction then it gives a sign of alcoholism.
  • Office- Disputes at office and being irresponsible are a sign of alcoholism. You may reach office frequently late due to hangovers and even behave rudely with clients or other employers.
  • Entertainment- You may start losing interest in any kind of entertainment and would not like to pursue your hobbies. You may even lose interest in your daily work. This symptom proves that you are getting badly addicted to alcohol.
  • Consuming in private- If family members stop supporting you with the consumption of alcohol then you may take this step of drinking alone. You may do this to reduce your pressure and would like to stay alone for sometime.
  • Bars- If you have become a frequent customer to certain bars or have started spending a longer time there then it shows that you have become an alcoholic. You must consume alcohol in small quantities and that too rarely.
  • Occasion to drink- The next sign of alcoholism is looking forward to an occasion for drinking. You may always be interested to go to places where there is availability of alcohol. You may even like to plan out parties or go out with your friends or family members for drinks.
  • Hiding- If you have been asked by the family member not to drink or you are scared to tell them then you may hide the bottles. You may keep them is places where they cannot find it.
  • Self respect- People may stop respecting you because of your drinking habit. They may even stop talking or taunt you.