Appreciating The Different Residential Window Choices

Residential Window

Purchasing new windows can be quite overwhelming if you are not familiar with all the common options or choices available. residential windows differ in several ways, they differ in construction, maintenance needs and how they open. Upgrading or repairing your residential windows will not only add style but also enhance the value of your home. Here is a brief look at some of the common residential windows worth taking a look at:

Sliding Windows

These windows are normally created from two main window sections. One is stationary while the other slides on a track. Normally, screens are added to either the inner or outer part of the unit. The practicality and rather straightforward look of these windows make them a favorite choice for many residential spaces.

Awning Windows

This is a top hinging window usually opens to the outside and is ideal for enhancing ventilation without necessarily exposing your home to the vagaries of nature. These windows are usually installed in basements for that extra ventilation. In most instances, these windows are usually used in combination with other type of windows so as to help in adding some light and improving visibility.

Double Hung Residential Windows

these windows are quite common in contemporary residential buildings: they usually have two vertical sliding sections which can be opened either from the top or the bottom section. These windows when implemented are usually used in the bedroom.

Casement Window

This is a side hinged window which incorporates a crank device which is used for closing and opening the unit. These windows are usually airtight when closed and are therefore more energy efficient than other popular types of windows. They are also quite convenient for hard to reach areas such as higher locations and over sinks.

Single Hung Windows

They are also quite common in residential buildings: the main difference with double hung windows is that single hung only has one vertical sliding section which can only be opened from the bottom. They are also preferred in the bedroom.

Bay Window

These are ideal windows if you want to have the illusion of increased space: they are usually created from one fixed window in the center and are flanked at the center by more than two windows for venting. It is commonly used for dining and living rooms around your home.