Become an Expert and Your Ideal Lawyer Prospects and Sales Will Follow


There is so much sales noise out there. The average person receives 1,000s of sales messages every single day.

So ask yourself this: Do I enjoy swimming upstream everyday? If so, keep doing what you and every other legal sales rep that sells services to lawyers does.

If that sounds like a bad idea, which it is, then you need to find your company genius and your voice for that company genius.

To put it another way, you must be an expert. If you selling billing software to lawyers, then become an online expert about billable hours.

Becoming an expert positions you as a highly credible and knowledgable expert. You automatically change from just another legal sales representative into a trusted advisor.

Trusted advisors receive referrals, they have a high lcose rate, their customers seek them out and last but not least they make a lot more money. Same job, diffeent approach.

Now, figure out how you can be an expert at what you do. Then promote your expertisie online through articles, websites, video and more and as you continue to build traffic you will eventually hit pay dirt and drive a ton of leads into your office.

It is a heck of a lot easier marketing and selling ideas than it is selling a legal product or service.

Post any questions you have and I will reply.