Best Under Sink Water Filter A Unbiased Review

Under Sink Water Filter

The best under sink water filter is something which many people are seeking these days. With growing concern over the quality of tap water and the bottled water industry springing leaks, more and more people are looking for ways to ensure that their families have access to the cleanest water possible. In most cases, that answer comes in the form of an under sink filter.

While most municipalities have strict rules governing the treatment of water, even the strictest measures can’t be sure of eliminating all contaminants from your tap water. For this reason, many options have crept up to help further filter out minerals and toxins from your household water supply.

From filtered water pitchers to glass water bottles, there is no shortage of possibilities for health conscious consumers who are concerned about the quality of their water.

Of course, the best solution is a multi-stage filtration system. These units come in both point of entry (P.O.E.) and point of use (P.O.U.) models. Point of entry filters attach at the spot where your local water supply enters your house, helping to provide purified water for every outlet in your house.

Point of use models attach directly to an individual sink. The best under sink water filter will provide multiple layers of filtration to trap as many contaminants as possible.

There are several methods of water filtration including reverse osmosis and multi-stage. While reverse osmosis has become the standard in the filtration industry, it is not necessarily the most thorough way of filtering as it can allow smaller particles to slip through and remain in your water. Multi-stage filters have openings of various sizes to trap a much larger number of particles, no matter how large or small.

One of the most direct responses to water treatment questions is the option of using bottled water. While this may seem to offer a better solution, appearances can be deceiving.

Not all bottled water is as pure as it claims to be. In fact, the best under sink water filter can provide far more protection for your family than most popular brands of bottle water.

How can this be? The simple fact is that the bottled water industry is not as carefully regulated as most municipal water treatment facilities. Therefore, bottled water can contain just as many if not more contaminants than tap water. And the plastic bottles make matters worse by leeching chemicals into the water. Using glass bottles and filling them from a tap covered by an under sink filter is the safest and most dependable way to get healthy water.

In order to assure that you are getting the best under sink water filter, you can look for certification. Many states require that water filters pass strict standards and document their results fully. California has the most strenuous testing, so a California Department of Health Certification is the best possible indicator of quality that a filter can carry.

Your health is important and nothing is more essential to good health than pure water. Don’t cut corners when it comes to your family’s water, buy a quality under sink water filter and you’ll be able to breathe easy knowing you’re providing your family with the very best.