Designing A Medical Assistant Resume That will Get The job

A good solid resume is the essential tool when searching for that perfect job. An effective medical assistant resume should contain some specific information that is focused on the area of expertise in healthcare that the assistant has embraced. A resume is the all-important first impression. It is that “foot in the door” opportunity that is crucial to making the proper impact. Before any hiring professional meets you, they will first review your previously submitted resume. Therefore it is the single most important impression you will make besides your face to face interview. In fact, getting your face to face interview is truly predicated upon the strength of your resume.

Naturally you will want to incorporate the usual basics such as name, contact address and phone numbers, education details and work history, any professional memberships organizations to which you belong, and of course a couple of viable references from people in your profession. If at all possible obtain at least two glowing letters of recommendation from prior employers or professors and attach them to your resume.

Stating your qualifications is only the beginning. Emphasis should be placed upon your unique gifts and talents, such as other languages you speak, awards you may have won, (but only if they are appropriate to the position for which you are applying), and any special areas of expertise you possess that would be strong selling points to a potential employer. Sometimes referred to as flags or blinkers, these essential points may include such things as certifications, specialty seminars or workshops for which you have documentation, proof of internships, and volunteer work.

It goes without saying that you will want to have the most professional looking resume possible, expertly proofread and printed on the best quality formal paper you can afford. It is also very desirable to have a good photograph of yourself attached to or incorporated into the resume. Be certain that any references you may use have been prescreened for suitability as to what they will say or what information they will release concerning your work history or credentials. The formality and overall tone of your resume will depend in great part upon the particular position you are applying for. Don’t hesitate to create more than one style of medical assistant resume to accommodate different potential employers.

For instance, if you are applying for a position in an exclusively private office such as a cosmetic surgeon or upscale dermatologist, adjust your resume accordingly. A simple one-page resume will do just fine for most hospitals, clinics and the average medical office however. Keep your resume professional, simple and to the point. Do not include superfluous information that has nothing to do with the position for which you are applying. Most community colleges offer classes in resume preparation and career guidance centers who will assist you. Take advantage of these free opportunities if you have the slightest doubt about your ability to produce an excellent resume.