The Different Types Of Fireplaces In The Market, And What You Should Buy

When you go to the shop to buy a fireplace unit, you'll be told there are different types of fireplaces, so you must choose your most preferred option. The difference lies in how they heat your home. The most common ones will burn wood or use gas and electricity. However, the rest will use corn pellets or even ethanol to provide warmth to your living room. Here are a few fireplace options to consider:

1) Wood-burning stoves

They've been used since time immemorial to supply heat or even cook food. The problem with these stoves is that they require some commitment where maintenance is concerned. The chimney must be kept clean for the unit to function optimally. Again, if you don't want to pile wood all year round, you can use inserts instead.

So for those people who don't mind chopping wood during winter, and are really interested in going the traditional way, this is the best option to go with.

2) Gas

You push a button and the fire lights. There are 3 types of gas fireplaces. The direct vent option can be vented directly through the walls and roof, top vented needs some sort of a chimney, while vent-less options don't need any form of venting. So you can imagine all the fume circulating in your house.

However, the good thing with ventless options is that they come with an in-built oxygen-depletion sensor, which will switch off gas before the level of carbon monoxide shoots up.

3) Electric fireplaces

Electric fireplaces will save you the hustle of fetching wood for fuel. And you could also get one today and install it immediately. The problem with these options is that they don't seem very real. There's no crack or pop of the flame associated with wood options.

Electric fireplaces won't produce any real flame, and this means you don't need to plan for venting. Because of their design, you can install them just about anywhere, even in condos and apartments. You only need to plug them to a power source to get started. But you'll have to worry about your power bills when you use them quite often.

4) Pellets

These are very Eco-friendly to use. Remarkably, they let you heat your house with corn pellets. These pellets are made out of compressed wood, and so they produce virtually no smoke or odor. Pellet stoves are designed with an in-built fan which consumes around 100 KWH of power every month. This means that you must consider cost if you plan using one.

5) Ethanol

Today, ethanol is being considered gas of the future, so with a fireplace that utilizes ethanol, you are sure to be ahead of the curve. Ethanol comes from plants. It's essentially an alcohol derived from plants. It is also referred to as 'grain alcohol'' since it's made out of corn in North America.

Ethanol is flammable like gas, yet tasteless and odorless. Again, burning it doesn't produce any toxic substance in the air, so you don't require venting whatsoever.

A Few Fireplace Models you can buy

1) Better Homes & Gardens Media Electric Fireplace (http://is.gd/ptHLSb)

This is a nice electric fireplace that you can put under your Plasma TV. It has up to 4 flame setting (with 1 no flame setting). It will heat up to 400-square-feet of space. Other features include 20-degree temperature control, a remote control, as well as 2-side compartments you can use to store media items. The cost of this unit is $300.

2) Barston Laminated Wood Fireplace (http://is.gd/lnDDhg)

This is a multifunction fireplace that blends elegance with space for your electronic devices. It's rated 1,400W, with a capacity for heating up to 400 sq feet of space. It lets you customize the level of heat being produced to fit your needs. The temperature range is between 62 and 82 degrees. A remote control is included with your purchase. The cost is $329.

3) Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Ascent (http://is.gd/7n9p5H)

This is a gas fireplace unit that doesn't need a chimney to work. You simply connect it to a vent through the roof or walls. The vent connecting it from the outside provides it with enough combustion air, so it doesn't have to compete for air supply inside your house. It comes with a remote control, Pan style burner, optional blower kit and many other features. The price is $300.

4) Eco Pellet Stove NP145 (http://is.gd/IQVges)

This unit uses advanced Napoleon pellet technology and efficient heat exchanger to make your living room comfortable. It comes with a convenient auto ignitor for automatic ignition, a stylish black trivet, a blower system, and many more. Price is quoted upon inquiry.

5) Duraflame Electric Stove (http://is.gd/rklUHy)

This is a small electric stove rated at 1500 watts/4600 BTUs per hour. It features realistic flaming effect for those who would like to mimic a real wood fireplace. It comes with a thermostat and dimmer control. It costs only $96.

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