Her dad cut her off so she was broke for years she taught

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replica oakley sunglasses With a light layer of black spray paint which will make it look scorched. Print a name badge that says “Bomb squad trainee”. Buy a pair of used glasses and break them up a little so you can still wear them. An entire store had been abandoned 40 years before and everything was exactly where the previous owner had left it. It looked like the candy shop from the beginning of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, minus the candy and happy children.And not nearly as much blood and screaming.Among the treasures discovered by the developer were dulcet cream, kidney pills, and a 1971 magazine with the misleading title of Titbits.Companion magazine to Asschunks.Research revealed that the shop had been run by a series of couples from 1890 until it closed in the 1970s, but the weird part is that whoever ran it didn’t seem to restock the shelves for the decades the store was open.There were medicine bottles from the 1930s, a magazine describing Princess Elizabeth’s 1938 tour of Australia replica oakleys, lozenge tins, and dated records. Just whatever the owners felt like shoving on the shelves, apparently.replica oakley sunglasses

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