Hiding Poker Tells From Your Opponents

Hiding Poker

When you play poker, you play against players wearing sunglasses, hoodies, or faces seemingly devoid of all the emotions you can think of. Are you having a hard time reading these opponents? Or maybe you think you are giving away a lot about your game? Poker players need to constantly and consistently try to learn about poker tells.

Poker tells are audible or visual clues given out by players and these behavioural clues give you a clue of how they will play their cards. You can classify poker tells as those you will see, you will hear, and also can based them on the betting patterns of your opponent.

Poker players will somehow giveaway a clue if they have strong hands or weak hands. These poker tells are instant and subconscious most of the time. Most player who are new to the game cannot control these clues. Be curious with how opponents use their hands, their eyes, breathing, and other gestures.

How to control poker tells

You really can try to control giving away your real intention by avoiding the obvious things like excessive talking, re-checking your cards whenever you hit a set, or warning other players that you have a great hand.

Try to standardize your movement. Make a routine movement when you bet and how you bring those chips to the middle of the table. Make your movements similar to each other all the time to conceal any clue about your cards and your real intention. Be consistent and you will no thave so much give away poker tells.

Be conscious with how you speak on the poker table and how you breathe when you see a good card or a bad card.

Also watch your eye movements (no pun intended). Most players will check the chips when they make a hand or maybe look at their opponents. Bluffing players will often avoid eye contact.

Study very well how you can standardize your betting. Take the same pace when you bet or call raises. Do not act too quickly but do not be too slow. Also be wary of being too excited and betting really big when you raise preflop.

Being robot like when playing is really a good way to conceal your poker tells. And that takes some practice.