Home Repair Grants Are Available

Home Repair Grants

We may be able to help you find a home repair grant. The money you need may well be available to you. You will be shown where to look and how qualify for a grant. Find the best improvement grant or loan. Weather you need a few dollars to make your existing home more accessible inside or out. If your need is for handicap access there may well be a program to help you.

Affordable housing is being made available to seniors. The U. S. government and many local governments have programs geared to the needs of older citizens.

The Americans with Disabilities Act has even made it easier to qualify for improvement grants. U.S. department of Housing and Urban Dev elopement is an excellent source for information about grants Low cost loans. At the Community connections page at HUDS site you will find copies of model programs that are sponsored by participating agencies.

You will find that your investment in time will have a great payoff. The help that is available to you through participating government agencies will be invaluable.

Recently the Obama Administration announced that they had made $ 73 million dollars available. The money is for counseling families in finding and keeping their homes.

The government also makes funds available lead abatement and asbestos abatement. Even if you are a renter there may be money available for your landlord to make needed improvements.

With the rising cost of heating oil and natural gas the programs the desire to weatherize dwellings has become very popular. The programs made available through your local utility company. Or assistance from a local insulation company. Help can also be found at some local senior centers. There are also private organizations that are helpful.