How Economic Stress Leads To Alcoholism

A serious disease like alcoholism always occurs due to some serious problem infecting the person’s life. If examined closely it becomes obvious how often this problem is economic! Here is a clear understanding of how economic stresses may lead to something like alcoholism.

Our economic condition determines almost everything in our life. Bad financial state can lead to serious depressions, which in their turn lead to alcohol consumption. When someone loses his/her job, and is unable to replace it with a suitable one, paying the bills becomes a real pain. This bitter taste of failure and worrying about the future leads them to the vicious grasp of alcohol.

The stress of trying to keep a job that is in jeopardy is also enough to drive a person to drink. Alcohol becomes the only source of pleasure for them. While it makes them forget their present worries, it leads to other long term diseases like alcoholism.

Again, those who are psychologically disposed to addictive behavior get just the excuse they required to fall for alcohol and its poisonous sting. Bad economic condition also leads to consumption of cheap bad quality alcohol, which has worse effects on one’s body.

Also, a person who can’t afford his or her own medication often uses alcohol as a form of self-medication. Thus someone who might otherwise never come across a situation where they face their genetic predisposition might be forced to deal with their hereditary inclinations as they have a post-firing drink.3