How to Build Rapport When Selling to Lawyers


Everyone in legal sales knows that the best way to sell a product is to have the prospective attorney buyer like you. People do business with people they like and respect. So how do you replicate that on every sales call to generate a “real” selling opportunity?

The answer is confidence, expertise and genuine interest in your clients’ success. When I cold call law firms, I always keep a note pad and pen in front of me at all times. When the attorney says something interesting I pick up my pad of paper and make notes. I am showing that I am attentive and interested in what my client has to say.

This builds rapport. It shows that I am geniunely interested in what the attorney has to say. It disarms the prospective client because I am thinking and absorbing what he ot she is saying. I am not looking to start blabbing about how great my product is.

Attorneys that I have polled have all said the number one thing they dread about sales people is that we do not listen to them. By taking notes and listening to your prospective clients and asking relevent questions you will find that building rapport with potential attorney customers is easy and natural.

Remember, before you can sell a man the World, you must know first understand why he wants to buy it.