How to sharpen garden tools

garden tools

Learning how take proper care of tools requires that you know how to sharpen garden tools. You must have a quality file. The file would be a flat mill file smooth on one side and course or double cut on he other side.You will also need a good sharpening stone. The file and the stone with a smooth and a course side will cost you about thirty dollars. But when you learn how to use them they will more than pay for themselves.

These tools will be used to maintain a good edge on all of your knives and shears. But first you must learn how to use them.

I like to demonstrate how much easier it is to work with a sharp tool by sharpening the blade of a shovel. If you do not have a vise at home put one in your budget they make many of these chores much easier. Find a place that is stationary. A vehicle with a trailer hitch or a gate post will work just fine. Use your imagination! Then using a “C” clamp clamp the shovel so that it will not move. A close look will reveal a dull and ragged edge on the shovel. Now draw the file over the rounded edge, file at about 22 degrees on the front and the back of the shovel. File until you can see that have made a sharp edge. Now that you know how to sharpen garden tools your work will be easier.

The file can be used to sharpen many tools loppers, hedge shears, shovels, axes tools of that sort. The stone on other hand is for knives and shears. You will not need to throw away as many utility knife blades when you learn to use a stone. Do it yourself home repair is made easier with tools that are in good condition.How to sharpen garden tools is the most important part of tool maintenance.

To put a good edge on a knife draw the knife across the stone with the blade at 22 degrees to the surface of the surface of the stone. Make one stroke on one side and then the exact same stroke on the other side. Always do it this way. One stroke at 22 degrees and then turn over and do the same. It may take you a while to get the hang of this but you will learn. You will find that your fix it and home repair jobs are easier with sharp tools.

Anyone knows how to organize tools but, how to clean garden tools is as important as learning the proper use of them. When the job is finished take an extra minute and wipe the tools with an oily rag. Remove debris and a little oil will help keep the tools in good condition. Always remember that rust will damage your tools.