I lived me life by the fork, so I die by the fork

The natives approach and, miraculously, one of them speaks English. He explains that the tribe members are cannibals, but it is their tradition to allow their victims to choose the manner of their deaths.The soldier speaks first: “I lived by the sword, so I choose to die by the sword.” The natives produce a sword, cut off his head, eat his flesh, and make a canoe out of his skin and bones.The sailor then says: “I lived my life on the sea cheap canada goose, so I choose to die in the sea.” The natives drown him in the ocean, cut off his head, eat his flesh, and make a canoe out of his skin and bones.The Newfie then says: “Well b I was the cook for the udder two. I lived me life by the fork, so I die by the fork.” The natives are confused, but they find a fork.

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