I thought that was such a different kind of take on racing

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replica oakley sunglasses The years long project, located on the northwest corner of North Mar Vista Avenue and Union Street, is an ambitious effort spearheaded by the City and other local organizations with a common goal and determination to combat chronic homelessness one family at at time.”Marv’s Place is a model effort on a number of levels. It is the first affordable housing development specifically designed for formerly homeless families in the City of Pasadena, a critical component of the City’s efforts to help individuals and families transition from homelessness, and a great example of collective impact making a difference,” said President and CEO of National Community Renaissance (CORE) Steve PonTell, the project’s nonprofit owner and developer.Marv’s Place features 20 units and not only provides affordable housing for the formerly homeless, but offers supportive services onsite to offer families to tools and resources needed to end their cycle of homelessness and lead productive lives.Residents including parents and children will have access to numerous on and off site social services, such as case management, career development, money management courses, mental health services, substance abuse services, green education and health care.”The only thing that ends homelessness is permanent housing,” explained City of Pasadena Housing Department Director Bill Huang.”For folks who have been homeless permanent housing with supportive services is the best practice. It’s the model that really works where people have about a ninety five percent success rate of staying in that housing.”The Mediterranean style building was made possible by the National CORE, one of the nation’s largest nonprofit community builders, and Pasadena’s Union Station Homeless Services, a nonprofit with more that 40 years of experience in providing homeless men, women and children with supportive care.”I think Marv’s Place is the first step in a very long journey we have to end homelessness, but this is how you do it.replica oakley sunglasses

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