Knowing The Various Effects Of Alcohol


Consumption of alcohol in insignificant or enormous amounts, both adversely affect almost every system in our body, reducing the size of our brain tissue, causing excessive vomiting, liver failure, distorted vision, slow reactions, unclear hearing, slurred speech, impaired body balance, haemorrhaging, pain, difficulty in swallowing etc. Steady drinking over many years even leads to long term damages whose effects are seen and felt long after one reaches sobriety!
Its effect on one’s driving skill puts its consumer’s as well as other people’s life in jeopardy. Alcohol being an addictive drug can even cause alcoholism – a physical dependence on alcohol and people with a history of alcoholism put their families at risk too!

Besides putting your life in constant danger, severe alcoholism also separates you from your family. Loss of coherency, doesn’t allow you to fulfill your responsibilities, further distancing you from your near and dear ones.

Alcohol’s effects can also be felt on your career and lifestyle. As you become more and more unaware of your surroundings, you become more incompetent in terms of doing your work and so lose your job. No job means no income and no income means deprivation of the basic amenities of life. Thus, alcohol ultimately brings you to the streets.

Alcohol also contains loads of carbohydrates and fat and so may lead to a weight problem too. High levels of alcohol may even stop one’s breathing, causing his/her death. It may cause the drinker’s blood pressure to rise putting him at a risk of heart attack.

Directly or indirectly, alcohol consumption affects all aspects of your life. it is a depressant which may give you pleasure for a few seconds but will definitely cause extreme pain in the long run.