Lawn Rollers Tips How to Use

Lawn Rollers

Lawn rollers are a fantastic tool that can be used in the pursuit of the perfect green garden lawn. My blog has been setup to give you the best free lawn rollers advice on how to use lawn rollers, what lawn rollers are used for and how to use the best lawn rollers techniques to get that perfect green lawn.

Why use lawn rollers

If you are like us and are determined to have a beautiful green garden lawn then you will need to make sure that your ground is compact and level. This is vitally important because if your ground is uneven and you have some sizable bumps in the lawn then you definitely need lawn rollers to iron out these bumps!

By using lawn rollers on these noticeable bumps then you can greatly improve the surface of your lawn. The reason that you need to level out your ground is to stop uneven mowing of the lawn and to provide a really crisp, precise finish to the lawn once you have finished cutting it.

Using Lawn rollers to get rid of big bumps

If you have got some quite sizeable bumps in your lawn that need to be smoothed out, then this can easily be done by using a few lawn rollers techniques.

· Firstly dig around the area of the bump that you need to use your lawn rollers on to level out. Allow around 3-4 inches around the bump
· Then, roll back the turf and set it to one side, Remove some of the excess soil.
· Place the turf back in position and then use the lawn rollers to re-establish the turf into the soil
· You will need to thoroughly water the area that you have used the lawn rollers on to make sure that the turf takes back to the soil

I you use this lawn rollers method to even out bumps that you need to keep an eye on the turf and repeat the lawn rollers process a few times until you get the desired results.

Using lawn rollers to repair dips and depressions in your lawn

Lawn rollers are a great tool for repairing dips and indentations in your lawn. The process is very similar to removing bumps from your lawn.

To repair the depression in your lawn, you need to dig around the depression, again, by about 3-4 inches and roll back the soil and put it to one side. Then, instead of removing the excess soil, you will need to add some extra soil to the depression to level it out. You need to add enough soil to allow for compensation when you use the lawn rollers to compress the soil and compact the turf back in place. Place the turf back over the soil and use your lawn rollers to embed the turf back in position.

Remember to heavily water the area and if you may need to use the lawn rollers a few more times to make sure that the turf knits back into the soil properly.

These lawn rollers techniques will make sure that you have a great flat that you can mow perfectly.

Flat, lush green lawns can make a garden or back yard look stunning, and there are many other techniques that you can use to improve the green lush color of your lawn and there are many different fertilisers and products that can improve the performance of your lawn but if you use lawn rollers at the start of your lawn care treatment then this can greatly enhance the chance of you getting the perfect lawn that you are always after.

The best techniques to boost your lawns performance
If you’re a keen gardener, then you’ll understand how important it can be to have an incredible lawn as the main area of your garden.. In case you are fortunate enough to already have got a beautiful lush green lawn then you will also know that you can add whatever you want to the rest of the garden and it’ll compliment your lawn month in month out.

A lot of people will say that obtaining a lovely lawn isn’t that easy.. Although it might be hard work, you will still be able to enhance your lawn hugely.. Through the use of lawn aeration, you’ll see extremely swift improvements.

Lawn aeration

Lawn aeration is a process that punches many little holes into the earth to allow for all of the nutrients in the sun, air and water to reach the roots of your lawn.. Your lawn has been suffering because it is often starved of those nutrients so once you allow the nutrients to reach the roots then your lawn will improve quickly.

When should you use lawn aeration to improve your lawn?

When your lawn is beginning showing signs of thatch or is looking a yellow pale color then the time is right to start the lawn aration process.

The most effective method to aerate your lawn

Lawn aeration may be performed in a few ways, but one of the best ways is by using lawn aerator shoes.. Lawn aeration shoes are normally a shoe mould created from plastic with a set of spikes on the bottom which provide the holes within the earth that will allow the nutrients to get at the roots. These lawn aeration shoes will also be great since you can wear them after which go about your normal gardening activities whilst you’re walking around, you are also aerating your lawn at the same time.

Spike lawn aeration shoes perform best if your lawn is struggling with small regions of thatch or if it is starting to turn a little pale. In case your lawn is worse than this, then you will really need to do a bit more than using just lawn aeration shoes.

Core lawn aeration

Core lawn aeration is very useful if your lawn suffers from high traffic usage or if your whole lawn or large areas are affected badly by thatch, You’ll be able to carry out core lawn aeration by using a machine which will remove plugs from your lawn which should allow enough access to the roots for all of the nutrients from the air, water and sunlight. Using core aeration can greatly improve it is likely that your lawn turning into a stunning lawn.

The best time to aerate your lawn

For lawns with only minor thatch problems could be treated about once every couple of months. But if your lawn has got large thatch problems, you will need to carry out your treatment every 2-3 weeks.