Likewise, for the lowest (“adiabatic”) strain rate, the

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Figure 2: Bulk properties of our samples.(a) Resistivity and (b) magnetization, and (c) the low temperature specific heat for seven Li2RuO3 samples with different doping ratio (x) values, together with the data for Li3RuO4 and Li2TiO3. The dashed lines in (a) represent the fitting results using the activation formula. The insets in (a,b) show the resistivity and susceptibility data versus temperature for three representative samples, respectively..

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replica oakleys The Oregon Beach Monitoring Program, based at the OHA Public Health Division, began its annual, regular evaluation of bacteria levels at beaches up and down the Oregon Coast, from Seaside to Brookings, May 22. Each year monitoring period extends through Labor Day weekend.The 18 beaches that will be monitored in 2017 include: Seaside Beach, Cannon Beach, Tolovana State Park Beach, Clatsop County Short Sand State Park Beach, Rockaway Beach, Twin Rocks Beach, Neskowin State Park Beach, Tillamook County D River State Park Beach, Beverly Beach, Agate State Park Beach, Nye Beach, Seal Rock State Park Beach, Lincoln County Bastendorff Beach, Sunset Bay State Park Beach, Coos County Hubbard Creek Beach, Harris Beach State Park, Crissey Field State Park, Curry CountyBeaches will be monitored for beach action values, or BAVs, the marine recreational water quality standard used to determine if bacteria levels are unsafe for water contact. When a single marine water sample has bacteria levels at or above the BAV, a health advisory is issued replica oakleys.