Mesothelioma Lawsuit Filed Against Du Pont for Asbestos Exposure

A man from Tennessee recently filed a mesothelioma lawsuit against Du Pont along with 20 other companies for the death of his mother. The man believes that his mother’s sudden death from mesothelioma was due to secondhand asbestos exposure. The man’s father was reportedly employed at Du Pont and the plaintiff believes it was due to the asbestos fibers carried home on his clothing

Roger Neely claims in the asbestos-related lawsuit that his mother, Ruby, died from mesothelioma earlier this year due to his father’s exposure to asbestos while at work. Neely states that Du Pont, and the other companies named in the suit, failed to warn her father about the danger of working with and around asbestos and as a result the asbestos was brought home on his clothing without his knowledge of any risks.

Asbestos Lawsuit Claims Secondhand Exposure

The plaintiff’s father, Lively Neely, was reportedly employed at the DuPont Plant in Old Hickory, Tennessee for nearly 20 years. During his career at the plant, Neely was reportedly unknowingly exposed to asbestos. When he returned from work Ruby supposedly handled his clothing, which is how the secondhand exposure occurred.

The lawsuit claims that DuPont and the contractors that worked w the plant knew about the risks linked to asbestos but failed to warn their workers or give them protection to prevent asbestos exposure.

Lively Neely’s life also taken by an asbestos-related illness in 1980.