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A small bath remodel may consist of nothing more than the installation of new vinyl floor. This may be the most inexpensive and quickest way to brighten up that bath that just needs a little more.Plus that new nonporous surface will help stop the spread of any mold that may occur in this damp area. This is a project that need take no more than a Saturday if you have a sound floor to start with.

Dry rot repair.

Start by measuring the dimensions of the floor. Take these measurements to the supply store. There you will need to buy,vinyl,a roll of untreated felt(to make a pattern), a roll of one inch tape, vitex or some other recommended filling compound. Some recommended adhesive. It is very important to always use fillers and adhesives that are advised by the manufacturer of products. Because many times there are chemical interactions thatmay cause the installation to fail in some way. An inexpensive trowel for spreading the adhesive. Again there will be a propertrowel groove size that the mastic manufacturer recommends. A wax ring for the toilet. Whatever you want to use for base. Maybe a new toilet seat to top off your small bath remodel. ;O)

Following the directions is essential to having a lasting floor.

You can make your small bath remodel extra special.

Empty the toilet and remove it from the room. A thought that might be helpful if you plan to be your own handyman. You might think about making yourself a dolly for moving stuff around.I have a three quarter inch thick piece of plywood that measures 16×24 inches with four two inch casters one screwed to each corner. I find it very useful. If you have one just set it in front of the toilet. Lift the toilet and set it on the dolly and wheel it where ever you want.

Now that the toilet is out of the way. Stuff an old rag in the sewer hole. It will help the place smell better.

It is time to prepare the floor for laying the vinyl.Check for any bumps, blisters or tears. These must be repaired. The best way is to nail them down so that there is no lose material remaining. Always use the # eight ring shank nails and be sure to nail them tightly.When the floor is smooth and free of irregularities clean it thoroughly.

Time to a make a pattern!

With your sharp utility knife in hand cut a piece of felt paper a few inches longer than the room. If you look around you can find blades that have a hook configuration.Buy em if you find them. They make this whole job much easier. Now lay this paper on the bath floor next to a wall. If there are obstacles keeping the paper from fitting tightly against the wall trim the pattern until it is close enough a fit that the base will cover any crack. Now cut a second piece of pattern paper the same way just a little larger than you need. Lay it in the bathroom the same waywith it lapping over the first piece of paper.Next cut the second piece of paper so that it fits tightly against the other wall. Your goal is to have the pattern fit perfectly over the entiresmall bath floor. If your first pattern is not just right throw away and start over with new paper.
When your pattern is perfect tape the paper together where they lap. Run a piece of tape over the joint length wise and then cross tape a few times. We do not want this perfect pattern to fall apart when we are using it.

Spread the vinyl out somewhere that you will have room to work.Note any manufactures recommendations. No direct sunlight?

With the vinyl face up carefully lay the pattern over the sheet of vinyl. Place it so that any pattern in the vinyl is parallel with the wall. Now tape the pattern to the vinyl.I would tape it every foot or so. Enough that it will not move at all. I would put a new blade in my knife and then cut along the edge of the pattern until you have an exact duplicate of your pattern. You want your small bath remodel to look like it was done by a professional!

This is the most difficult part of a small bath remodel and a helper might be useful.Spread the mastic no about one half of the floor. In your minds eye Draw an imaginary line and spread to that line. Now roll the vinyl loosely with the side you have glued being the exposed end.Carry the vinyl into the bathroom and lay against the wall where it belongs.It must be placed exactly where it goes once layed down it will not move.When placed exactly right unroll the remainder and work out any bubbles that you may see. have a pail of water around it will help in clean-up. Final clean-up with a rag dampened with mineral spirits.

Finish up by setting the toilet. Check the toilet by flushing a couple of times. To be certain that it is not leaking. Caulk the toilet at the base and caulk the vinyl at the tub or shower. Install the base and you are all done. What a great small bath remodel!