Not only are they allegedly delicious it also turns out they

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Look for the serial number. Some expert made counterfeits won’t be easy to tell apart from actual Rolexes. To spot these, you may need to examine the watch’s tiny, intricate detail work, which is the hardest part of the watch to fake. Put 2 rounded scoops of ice cream into each glass. Divide the cake cubes evenly among the glasses, then add 1/2 scoop of ice cream to each glass, mounding it slightly in the center. Top with softly whipped cream to look like the frothy head on a pint of stout, allowing a drip to edge over the side.

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The winner of the “Million Dollar Arm,” Rinku Singh joins us now. He’s a sports agent and co founder of the company that started the show. And in the past, he’s represented athletes such as Emmitt Smith, Barry Bonds and Barry Sanders. The luxurious bar in what was called the grandest hotel in the Dutch empire was reduced to shambles.The volatile mood of the circus people was paralleled by Krakatau. Ferzenaar was order to conduct a survey of the fifteen square mile smoking island by the military topography service. He was unable to enlist any volunteers to join him and spent two day there alone, beginning August 11.

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