Poker strategy: Keeping things simple in low limit poker

Poker strategy

If you are just a beginner in poker, most likely, you will be playing in low limit poker games. It really does not require masterful poker skill to take advantage in these games. It basically involves outplaying poor opponents. At high limit pokers the game is a lot different and involves a lot of complex poker moves.

Winning in low limit poker games is straightforward. On these tables, you will not be on the spotlight. Other players will not be paying too much attention on you since they will be thinking of their own cards. They will be playing the cards they have as they always do it regardless of you being in the pot or not. If the players are like these, just keep things simple and play straightforward poker with not much of aggressive bets when you have a monster bluff, fancy bluffs, and just playing it tight.

If you want to deceive your opponents in low limit poker, you may want to try slowplayinig. You can easily fool other players that they have the best cards if they get a pair upon the turn, so letting them see another card when you got a strong hand can give you some advantage. Bluffing though is still complex at this level of play. Remember keep it simple and take advantage of the other players’ weaknesses without being too fancy.

While you are still beginning to hone your poker skills, try to master how you choose the starting hands that you will play, making use of pot odds to your advantage, and betting aggressively when the timing is right. Psychological techniques of poker does not apply much in low limit poker games as the other players do not give much attention to it. Keep it simple since being too fancy might just hurt your game.