Practical Roofing Choices For Any Home

Practical Roofing

What many homeowners desire is usually a roof that’s not too pricey and requires minimal if any maintenance, it should also be long lasting. Normally though, roofs will need either some repair or replacement after ten years or thereabouts. By carefully choosing your roofing material, you can reduce the overall cost of replacing or repairing your roof. There are several roofing choices one can take into consideration when either repairing or replacing a roof.

Composition shingles are a very good choice for homeowners who are keen on getting a clean look at a price that’s fair and affordable. They come in a large selection of brands, colors and types. They are quite versatile and adapt easily to a variety of applications. They are also quite easy to install and most brands do offer class A fire protection.

Another option are wood shakes, they offer a natural look to the roof. Because of variations such as cut of the wood, width, thickness and color: no two shake roofs look the same. It is worth noting that wood does offer lots of energy benefits because it helps to insulate the attic and also allows the entire house to breathe because it allows circulating air through the small openings around. They however do demand proper maintenance and repair and insects, mold and rot are usually a problem. They are also slightly more difficult to install.

Clay tiles are a good choice for homes which want an Italian or Spanish design. It is also ideal for homes which are looking for a modern clean look. Tiles are long lasting and their expected lifespan is much greater than that of the material on which the roofing is laid. These tiles won’t burn or rot and also require very little maintenance if any. The biggest drawback is usually the weight and the initial cost of buying and having them installed.

Metal roofing is also coming back in vogue after years of abandonment. Standing ream steel roofing is the most popular form of metal roofing for residential buildings. Metal roofing can also be made to resemble clay tiles, wood shakes, shingles and Victorian metal tiles. Coated steel or aluminum can also be made or formed to individual tiles or shingles. Metal roofing is quite durable, almost maintenance free and fire resistant. They are also quite energy efficient because metal does reflect heat and thus blocks its transfer into the attic.