Simply Making Money The Hometrader Way

Simply Making Money

For many years I had been intrigued by the mystery and hype that surrounds the Stock Market. Since listening to the wireless as a kid, I had been fascinated by all those names and numbers reported on the radio and TV news reports and the masses of tiny little figures dancing all over the pages in the financial section of the papers. People seemed to study these figures or listened intently to the price movements on the radio, giving the occasional nod of approval or a grunt of anguish and dismay as the colour drained from their faces. These people seemed to be highly educated or smart and intelligent, if not a little aloof, to a small kid from the bush. Surely these things must mean something and be important. Maybe when I grow up I’ll understand it.

Well, I’m in my early to mid fifties now and after a couple of years of successfully trading, the way Hometrader taught me, I’m pleased to report that essentially as an End of Day Mechanical System trader, I need to know virtually nothing about it at all to manage and maintain my system. It is not the great mystery one might expect it to be.

In the beginning, the truth is that the less I knew or thought I knew about trading, the better it was, as I had no preconceived ideas or bad habits to change…it was all new stuff to me.

As an adult I was still keen to become personally involved in the Stock Market, without ever knowing what that really meant, or why, in fact, that I wanted to do it at all. It was like having an itch that just wouldn’t go away. I still wonder today if it wasn’t ego driven or simply wanting something that forever seemed to be just out of reach, either intellectually or that I was too busy at the time to do anything about. We’re all guilty of finding excuses at times to justify our actions or lack thereof, in life.

My first experience of trading was a fair dinkum doozie, in the early 90’s. I’m almost embarrassed to share this but it was part of my learning curve to becoming a successful trader. I was cold called by a telemarketing company from Queensland who promised amazing returns from the market. They would tell what stock to buy, when to buy it and when to sell it, with official looking historical results to support their claims of massive profits. Does this sound familiar to anyone? All I would have to invest is the tiny sum of $3,500 to purchase the Programme and then I could sit back and watch the money roll in. Well, I couldn’t get the money to them quick enough. I thought how easy is this going to be. Surprisingly, they couldn’t wait to get their hands on my hard earned cash either. I paper traded their buy/sell leads for 6 months making big paper losses before I reluctantly accepted that I had been conned into a typical ‘Black Box’ system, so readily available, even today. Swish marketing, pretty software packages and gullible people like me who can’t wait to make someone else rich from my own stupidity.

At this stage I hadn’t lost any real money in the marketplace but I had definitely blown the cost of the Programme and still knew nothing about the market.

This slowed my enthusiasm and dented my pride quite a lot as I could ill afford to lose $3,500 at that stage of my life. I also had to deal with the wife and words didn’t come easy, I can tell you. I would leave this crazy game to the experts or so I thought.

The bug struck again in the year 2000 and I’m not talking about the Millenium bug here. It turned out much worse for me than that famous computer bug did. With my wife’s blessing, we parted with a further $12,000 odd and happily gave it to an Adelaide based company, in return for the ‘Holy Grail’ Trading Programme for the wannabe trader. We were supplied with a magnificent Software package PLUS training. Yep, surely this is what I’d been looking for.

This programme had every ‘indicator’ known to man (or at least that is how it seemed to me) and what you couldn’t do with colours and stuff to your screen wasn’t worth knowing about. We went to weekly classes for the next 6 months learning all about technical analysis of charts, patterns, channels, support and resistance, trend lines, market depth, fibonnachi, turning points, stochastic crosses…the list could go on and on. We were definitely on the right track this time, no worries about that, after all, our lecturers would show us their results pointing out their entries and exits on the charts and just how easy it was to take 10% on a trade and run. Basically cleaning up on the market was going to be child’s play.
There was a slight drawback to all of this stuff we were learning though. After 6 months of staring at charts and drawing in either real or imagined lines, we just couldn’t master it like the lecturers seemed to be doing. We gave it a red hot go and got an ‘A’ for effort and zero for return. In the end we were so confused we didn’t know if we were Arthur or Martha and naturally wouldn’t dare risk any real money in the market. However we owned a Software package that was arguably, second to none in its presentation but we still didn’t have a clue about trading.
By this time it is fair to say that my dear wife was “Not Happy Jan” to say the least. Definitely not a happy little vegemite and who could really blame her. We were down by almost $16,500 learning how to trade this famous Stock Market and we had still never actually entered a live trade at this point.
Now I’m not famous for much at all but I’m not one to give up easily either. There had to be a better way to do this.

I had heard about a company called Hometrader but found it very difficult to admit defeat. Thankfully I contacted them anyway. I remember thinking that I’ll just suss this mob out to see what they have to offer, thinking inwardly that this will just be a waste of time…they’ll be like all the others, promising the world and delivering very little. Well, as you can observe, I’ve made the odd mistake or two along the way and I was wrong in thinking poorly of Hometrader and putting them in the same category as all the other companies. Hometrader have impacted our lives significantly and positively, in such a short time. I guess I was trying to justify our investments (losses) into previous little trading ventures and how poorly we had performed despite a very solid effort and in general having a bit of a whine to the bloke on the other end of the telephone, when he said to me ‘Was I serious about making money in the market or not?” What could I say? I’d rung him to ask what he had to offer and he was boldly asking me if I was fair dinkum or not. I appreciated his forthrightness and his willingness to say things as they really were, pointing out to me that the lecturers from our previous Programme, who were allegedly making a regular killing on the market, may in fact, not be making the money they were claiming to be. All I had to do to prove them right or otherwise, was to ask them to produce their buy and sell contracts as supporting evidence of their profits. Well, I went away and asked to see their contracts and surprise, surprise, they wouldn’t produce them, saying they were private and not available for me to see and it’s just not the done thing anyhow. Reasonable argument or so I thought until I returned to the same contact at Hometrader with the news of ‘no contracts available.” Without hesitation, he volunteered to show me all of his contracts, both current and historical, to support his claim that he was making significant profits from the market, quoting percentages that were astonishing to me.

I was mightily impressed with his offer, but never took the opportunity to look at his contracts because I still didn’t know that you actually had to have contracts, let alone what they might have looked like.

The mere fact that he was open and honest enough to offer me the chance to see them convinced me on the spot that this was no ordinary person working for any ordinary company. He was upfront, if not a bit confronting, looking me right in the eye when he was talking to me and impressed me with his frankness and honesty.

We soon joined Hometrader and after a slow start, when we did nothing but complete the training, haven’t looked back since. Whenever we feel the need we can ring and book refresher courses or one on one meetings with a trainer and that is invaluable to us.

We have been taught to actually trade by Hometrader training and principles. We learned to develop a fully mechanical system that was compatible with our risk profile, personalities, lifestyle needs and time available to trade. We currently run our own business and have chosen a very conservative, end of day trading style because we have limited opportunities during the day to look at the computer screen to check on any trades. We would spend about 15-20 minutes a day, 5 days a week, trading our system. In time, as market conditions and sentiment changes and our circumstances change, we may need to change or fine tune our system but Hometrader will help me with that too.
We allow our system to tell us what to do each day. The system, if managed properly, is basically as simple as black or white, yes or no, unemotional and has no grey areas.

It’s simple but not easy as most people become emotionally involved in their trading and over-analyse things in many cases. We prefer it to be kept at a very basic and simple level. There is, of course, emotion in our trading but we never let it override our discipline or system parameters. There are times when it’s very exciting ‘watching your money grow’ as the profits run but there are far more times when it’s about as exciting as watching grass grow….this is a particularly good time to remind yourself of the discipline needed to trade. Something we have learned is that anybody can learn how to trade but few have the discipline or psychology to do it. They are often looking for the ‘holy grail’, constantly tweaking and trying to improve their systems when they would be better off just using their ‘edge’ in the market (i.e.their proven and backtested system) and just trade it. One should always seek to improve their system but not at the expense of becoming paralysed with analysis. Everybody is different, so systems will be different but this is good.

Hometrader teaches many different systems and instruments to trade. We can and must all choose a system that we are comfortable with. Hometrader offer an enormous amount of training and support to its members and particularly for those who are prepared to put in some hard yards early on, the benefits are outstanding. There is no reason why I won’t still be trading when I’m 80, God willing.

Our results so far have staggered us. We are up in excess of 140%* on our initial investment in just over 2 years, when our original goal was to outperform the Fund Managers by 5-10% per annum. We understand that the market has been favourable to the type of system we developed with Hometrader’s help and that we will need to make some adjustments when the market turns and heads the other way. Hometrader will be there to support and guide us and there is a good degree of comfort in knowing that.

Application, humility and discipline are the attributes that have helped us the most so far. Couple this with the on-going and dynamic, up to the minute training from Hometrader, and the future looks rosy.

If you are considering trading as an option, I can do no more than thoroughly recommend Hometrader as the company that can and will change your future. Please believe me, I’ve learnt that the hard way and had to eat plenty of humble pie along the way too.

If I had the benefit of hindsight, I would not go past Hometrader. They would be my first and only call.
There is nothing I need to know about being taught how to make money in the ‘magic world’ of the Stock Market that this company can’t and won’t happily teach me, IF I’m prepared to go the distance. You see, there really are no free lunches in this world, not even trading the Stock Market. Put in a serious effort up front, remain humble and teachable and avail yourself of the best Stock Market training available. The world really can be your oyster. It’s your choice.

The cost of the Programme is not insignificant if taken in isolation. Look around you and note who and what is important in your life. If you can achieve all of your goals and aspirations doing what you are currently doing, by all means ignore the thrust of this article and well done. If, however, you find yourself falling a little short, like most of us, then at least consider this, CAN YOU AFFORD NOT TO INVEST IN THE PROGRAMME? It’s your future and your decision. Hindsight gives me the benefit of knowing that the outlay for the Programme is some of the best ‘peace of mind’ I could ever have spent. The knowledge gained and the practical application of that knowledge, far outweigh the cost involved. If you apply what you have been taught during the Hometrader training, the dollars will take care of themselves. I suggest you don’t major on it as this will blur the massive benefits that are there for the taking…only a decision away….’your’ decision away.

My contact at Hometrader in Adelaide is Brenton Tamm.

If you are prepared to hear the truth about trading and not too precious to answer his probing questions honestly and you are also open to learning how this thing really works, his approach is a positively ‘no bull, in your face’ approach, and I reckon he’s your man. If that seems a little harsh, well maybe it is…you could go and pick daisies I suppose, but you won’t make the same sort of money you will trading.

He is my mentor in trading to this day and makes himself available to me whenever I need to have a chat, for whatever reason. I respect him immensely for that.

I would recommend that you make it your business to go along to one of his seminars and change the direction of your life. Go on, I dare you. Take charge of your life.

*Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance

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