Some Interesting Basement Remodeling Options

Basement Remodeling

There are very many changes which one can make when it comes to fixing and decorating the interior of the basement room. But before you start on any ideas, it is important to appreciate certain facts about the basement. First and foremost, even though all homes have some degree of moisture, the basement usually collects the most moisture in the room. Because of this, most basement rooms are always damp and tend to smell musky, this makes it a poor environment for anyone to stay in. It is therefore important to get rid of the moisture first before you begin the remodeling because you may end up with mildew and mold problems.

The first step therefore is usually to take care of the moisture content by patching all the holes and cracks in the foundation by using appropriate waterproofing products to seal the floors and walls. The use of a basement waterproofing membrane is highly advisable as it forms a barrier which prevents moisture from seeping through.

The next step usually involves dry walling the basement walls and then taking care of basement ceiling. Some of the common basement ceiling ideas may include using dry walling, using ceiling tiles, or putting up a suspended ceiling. You should then strive to deal with the flooring, put in some beautiful and colorful floor tiles to bring the entire room to life.

To make your basement room bigger, it is advisable to use appropriate lighting. Make a point of using light colors on your walls and allow lots of light through the windows if it is possible. In case there are no windows, then make sure your lighting is super bright. When you are gathering your remodeling plans, make sure you include artificial light, lighting from the sun, the color of the paints you will be using and even the color of furniture you will use as all these have an effect on how small or big the room will appear to be.

If you are looking for basement remodeling options, then there are numerous things you can do. You can opt to turn your basement into an entertainment area, an office, a bathroom, living room, kid’s playroom, bedroom, bar, studio, gym or even a library.

If you are keen on turning your basement room into an entertainment room then you can opt to design it as movie room full with a big screen television, video games, a bar area, a pool table and fully fitted with recliners.

For those who are into workouts then you can design your basement into a house gym. A basement is bound to allow you to lift weights, sit in a hot tub or do some running. If you do practice martial arts or aerobics then you should install mirrors and mats. By creating your own gym at home you will be able to not only save on gym membership fees but also help you keep fit.

You can also transform your basement into a bedroom for your guests or for your kids. This comes in very handy when your kids are growing and their tastes and their likes are dislikes such as loud music or a heavy drum set. You can have them rock their night away at the basement as you enjoy your well deserved rest. It is also possible to have it remodeled to receive guests when they come, if it is well done, your guests wouldn’t mind it. As a matter of fact they would have their privacy as you also enjoy yours.

If you find yourself with lots of book cases at home or in the office then you can easily turn your basement into a library. This will give you some quite reading place and also ensure your books and those of your children are also well kept. This will within a very short time inculcate a culture of reading amongst your kids in particular. The books are also bound to last longer since they will be well placed in shelves. Be very careful about mildew and mold if you decide to turn the basement into a library, checking on the moisture level is bound to be a continuous process if you turn the basement into a library for your family.

Finally, you can convert your basement into a studio. This can be a studio of anything depending on your hobbies. If you are into art, then you can turn it into an art studio. If you are into music, then you can turn your basement into a music studio or just a workspace of some sort that’s casual and inviting to everyone.