There is some much reverse racism that it is sickening and

In the absence of the federal government, instead of just letting it sit and wait, we’re going to take those steps.”Davis was talking about relations with First Nations cheap canada goose, but he could have been talking about a litany of issues the premiers think Harper is ignoring or downplaying and one such issue is relations with the premiers.In his nine years in office, Harper has neither accepted an invitation to come to a premiers conference nor has he invited them to meet with him at a first ministers conference.It didn’t matter that premiers morphed their meeting more than a decade ago from a “conference” into what they called the annual meeting of the Council of the Federation.The premiers back then hoped the “council” designation along with an office staff and regular working groups would formalize their relationship, elevate the level of discussions and put the provinces on a footing with the federal government.But it would only work if the federal government played ball.It didn’t.Harper hasn’t even take to the field for a little catch with his premierial colleagues.Harper’s tactic effectively stymied and frustrated the premiers for years. But something interesting is happening.The premiers “in the absence of the federal government” are taking the initiative on their own on all kinds of issues.One of the biggest this week will be a Canadian Energy Strategy a way to help build more pipelines to get more of Alberta’s oilsands bitumen to international markets while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions.The two issues might sound mutually exclusive, but the premiers seem willing to try to find a balance something Harper has not.One of the tightrope walkers in the spotlight this week will be Alberta’s new NDP premier, Rachel Notley, who will have to find a balance between the province’s desperate need for pipelines and her own personal commitment to environmental protection.Premiers will be discussing the strategy Thursday afternoon. Also on the agenda for the two day meeting are federal spending on infrastructure and ways to boost the national pension plan..

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