Tips On How To Shop For A Front Door

Front Door

The front door is an important fixture in any home because it not only secures the home but is also the first contact visitors have with your home. There are several types of front doors in the market. Front doors can be made from a variety of materials: the most common types are made from Fiberglass, wood, iron or steel. It is important to decide on the most appropriate door configuration, these include the double door configuration, the single door configuration and the single door with sidelites.

Apart from the size of front door you are looking for and the finish you have opted for: whether unfinished, stained, Finished, Primed or painted, there are other numerous factors one has to take into consideration when shopping for a front door. Another factor worth taking into consideration includes checking on the door handing: front doors can be left hand with either in-swing or out-swing and right hand with either in-swing or out-swing. It is also important to consider the panel type: the main panel types in the market include 12 panels, 4 panels, 3 panels, 2 panels which is the most popular and 1 panel.

Whether you have opted to buy the entire door and frame system or just the front door by itself, it is important to ensure that you not only buy a tough door but also ensure that the door is handsome and gracious. If you are buying a complete entry system, make sure that all the components are from the same manufacturer: this is because many systems are usually assembled by distributors with parts that might not mate quite perfectly.

Make sure you also check to ensure that the weather-stripping seals perfectly and that threshold which is supposed to interlock with the lower or bottom edge of the door does so perfectly. If the door has a window, look for low e-glazing on window units. It is worth noting that for additional security, some manufacturers do offer glazing that’s designed in such a way as to resist break- ins.

It is also important to note that high quality fiberglass and steel doors usually have a thermal break, which is normally a part of the wood frame or some vinyl strip which is used to separate the outside and inside door skins. This usually prevents the outside heat and cold from being conducted through the frame and skin, it also prevents frost from forming on the inside surface of the door.