Top 7 hair loss treatments for men in their 40s

hair loss treatments

When experiencing Hair loss you are not just affected by the physical signs of it. Your personal life can be affected also mentally and emotionally by this sudden and at times severe change in your physical appearance. Some men find it very comforting to lose their hair, while others find the sudden changes of balding to be highly unacceptable and they need to treat it to the best of their abilities. Below are the top 7 hair loss treatments for men. Some of these may apply to women as well, but are geared mostly at men as men are the most common sex to experience hair loss in a treatable fashion. Due to the various causes of hair loss there is no set cure for hair loss, and typically a variety of the below solutions will be used together to achieve the results your desiring. This is something that only you and your physician can decide.

1.Propecia is the only FDA approved pill to treat hair loss. Due to it’s effects on your hormonal system this is only available for men, and has been seen to work in as much as 90% of those who take it continuously. Propecia is available via a prescription only, and if you believe it may be right for you consulting with your doctor is the only way you can know for sure if it’s an option for you. Once you have consulted with your doctor, there are a few safe online pharmacies that you can go to for Propecia. does offer Propecia online at a reasonable cost & they are located in the United States.

2.Rogaine is a topical ointment containing the chemical Minoxidil. Its known to expand your blood-vessels and reduce the DHT levels in your skin. DHT is known to restrict the growth cycle of your hair, causing it to be shorter, thinner and rooted in a more shallow fashion, causing it to fall out, and at times not grow at all. Rogaine is available in different strengths, and some can be purchased over the counter without a prescription. As with all medications it’s advisable to consult with your physician before beginning any new medications as there may be existing conditions that need to be taken into consideration.

3.Scalp Reduction is a surgical procedure that involves removing a 3-inch or smaller patch of your scalp that contains no hair-generating follicles and stretching skin that does over the spot. It’s basically like a face lift for your scalp and can be a very effective and long lasting treatment if the area effected by balding is not to large and the skin around the area is has hair growing dense enough for it to be effective.

4.Surgical Implants can be used to insert functioning follicles or synthetic hair into regions of the scalp that no longer are experiencing hair growth. One of the more pricey options this can range from $9,000 to $40,000 and can take numerous sessions to achieve the desired results. This is effective is everyone, and is one of the few treatments that are both long lasting and extremely successful at hiding the effects of hair loss.

5.Retin-A is a medication used to treat wrinkles and fine-lines, but has been seen to also help reduce hair loss in some patients. This medication is applied as a lotion, and can be quiet effective at stopping the process of hair loss and at times kick starting the process of growing new hair. It’s not fully understood this Retin-A is an effective, one theory is that it because it increases blood-flow it doesn’t allow DHT to be absorbed into the skin, or doesn’t allow androgen to convert testosterone into DHT as quickly, there for preventing the effects of DHT from being so severe.

6.Hair pieces are available in both natural and synthetic styles. The natural ones are more difficult to maintain, but are more realistic and less expensive. The synthetic ones are more expensive, but also hold-up much better over time. As with anything in life; you get what you pay for. If you opt for a cheap hair-piece it will be more noticeable and not last as long. Quality synthetic hair pieces can cost upwards of $2000, but will last many years, and require a minimal amount of effect to maintain and keep looking realistic.

7.Topical Lotions are one of the least effective, and the cheapest solutions for curing, preventing or reversing the effects of hair loss. They are often times only effective in a small percentage of men, are work by stimulating the blood flow to the area of the scalp it is applied. The increase in blood-flow reducing the conversion of testosterone into DHT, therefore limiting the effects of it when it comes to balding.

There are many other methods, medications, procedures and ointments available to cure or stop hair loss, typically they all won’t be for you. Only a good talk with your physician can result in a consistent and successful plan to attack your hair loss. In general you’ll end up using numerous methods that I’ve listed above for the best results.