While some mocked this occasionally crass commercialism (and

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You want to stay away from saturated fat and trans fats, which can cause weight gain and are linked to numerous other health problems like diabetes. However, certain fats are important to keep in your diet even if you are trying to lose weight. Some fats (unsaturated fats and omega fatty acids), like those found in avocados, nuts, salmon and olive oils, can support brain function and heart health.

The band once even agreed to tour with the Cockney duo Chas Dave.While some mocked this occasionally crass commercialism (and others regarded their music as too technically conservative to be all that modish), few who knew them really doubted the pair’s worship at the altar of hedonism.Such excess perhaps reached its acme during the Nineties when, despite being in their 40s, the band were too busy snorting cocaine in the toilets to collect a gong at the Brit Awards.English pop group The Status Quo, circa 1968. Left to right: Francis Rossi, Rick Parfitt, John Coghlan, Alan Lancaster and keyboard player Roy Lynes. Photo / Getty ImagesAround the same time, Rossi revealed that the drug had done so much damage to his nose over the years, that part of his septum had fallen out while he was in the shower.”I’ve enjoyed every moment, but I’m pleased that I’ve come out the other side cheap oakleys,’ Parfitt reflected, after one of his heart attacks.

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The ironies of the situation are not lost on anyone. The warriors raised by the cia are now threatening American interests all over the world: Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and in a way even the subcontinent where a further escalation in warfare will work against Washington’s interests. Says a former cia hand who tried to protest against the raising of these international fighters: “The whole thing was a game of bloodthirsty deceit.

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